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UB Video Inc is a leading provider of video coding and transcoding software solutions for video communications, announced today the availability of its high performance UBStream-MP4 encode/decode software for video streaming applications, allowing users to experience full screen video streaming at a quality that rivals that of broadcast TV.

UB Video's UBStream-MP4 is compliant with Version 1 of the MPEG-4 standard for multimedia coding. UBStream-MP4 is suitable for applications requiring high-quality video coding at 640x480 resolution, such as streaming live events over the Internet and other packet networks, as well as video on demand. UBStream-MP4 is designed to provide the best MPEG-4 video quality in the market, allowing users to experience high-quality video streaming without the performance inconsistencies that characterize existing products in the market. Although it is written in "C" only, UBStream-MP4 can still support real-time encoding and decoding of high-resolution video on Desktop PCs with Pentium IV 900 MHz processors. "UBStream-MP4 is a testament to UB Video's commitment to providing the best quality and most efficient coding software in the market today, allowing users as well as ISPs and content providers to take full advantage of the capabilities of the Internet and other existing packet networks", said the President and CEO of UB Video. "With UBStream-MP4, UB Video had crossed yet another milestone towards becoming the source for high-quality video coding and transcoding software solutions" he added.

About UB Video Inc.

UB Video Inc is a leading provider of video coding and transcoding software solutions for video communications over heterogeneous networks. UB Video's products target a number of applications, including real time video communications applications such as video conferencing, and video streaming over packet networks. UB video's flagship products, UBLive for real time video communications and UBStream for video streaming applications, provide the highest video quality in the market. For more information, please visit UB Video's web site at